Wanting to learn piano?  Or maybe you’ve already taken a few lessons and want to continue practicing?!?  We are excited to offer piano lessons with two program options!  Registration deadline is March 24th, and classes begin Thursday, March 31st!



Primer Level is for six students with little to no prior piano:  Starts students off by learning to read treble and bass clef simultaneously. Basic rhythms are also covered.  Book purchase (Bastien primer level) required.


Level 1 Mixed Beginner Levels This piano class is for six students ages 8-12 who have taken some prior piano to one year of piano. The books for this class varies: Bastien Primer to Level 1. Headphones will be required for this class.  Additional keyboards will be used for students to practice in class with headphones.  This class is one hour for ten weeks ending with a recital.  Students should bring any books from prior classes.

Location:Farmville Community Center
Fee:$100 per program
Instructor:Baxter Smith

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